Share the legacy of a mostly-patriotic, always-amusing gene pool that refused to die!

Glimpse a family’s genealogy spanning from the 1400s to the 2000s:


Plus 26 easy, favorite family recipes
some in use for more than four generations—with almost no food poisoning!

Find out … Who willed an apple roaster,
3 pair of pitchforks, 2 chamber pots & 3 hoes …
Who was prosecuted for “mowing another man’s lawn”…
Who stumbled into a swamp and perished while walking home …
Whose lawsuit led to the Salem Witch Trials …
Who were so full of crap that it killed them!


Wendy Clem / Write For You
Wendy Clem / Write For You

Becky Stevens’ long road to helping others began with the miraculous survival of a severely abusive childhood at the destructive hands of her single mother who suffered with Multiple Personality Disorder. As a subsequent ward of the state, Becky equally suffered through the tribulations of the juvenile system where she developed remarkable people skills on her way to becoming an emancipated minor. Those insights eventually led to widespread testimonials of her 20 years as a Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer in what has often been hailed as her groundbreaking abilities. Despite a personal battle with Multiple Sclerosis, Becky continues to treat adults, children and animals through her private practice and physician referrals. By supplementing conventional medical treatment, she helps those suffering with disease, emotional and mental trauma and a myriad of debilitating conditions. Her applications span from herbal to those of Usui Reiki mastery as well as the inclusion of technology that utilizes a liquid imprint credited with healing clients across America and as far away as Africa.